How To Seduce My Girlfriend

If you ever wonder “how to seduce my girlfriend,” there are a few easy steps that will help you be successful with this endeavor. Being a good friend and a good lover will go a long way toward doing this. And don’t forget that just because you’re a couple means you can stop trying with your courtship.

  1. Flowers and chocolate. This is a simple but time-honored and tested way to seduce your girlfriend. Women love to know that you’re thinking of them, and buying your girlfriend these kinds of presents tells her that you went out of your way to do something nice for her. An added bonus with flower—send them to her at her place of work and she’ll get to show off in front of all the other girls.
  2. Pony up for a nice dinner. A great way to seduce your girlfriend is to take her out on a nice date, and at the heart of many nice dates is a very nice dinner. Choose a place that is very upscale—maybe even a place with a dress code. If it’s a place that’s hard to get a table at, even better, in that you can show her you worked really hard to make these arrangements. After your dinner plan something romantic, like a horse-drawn carriage ride or walk along the beach.
  3. Give her some sexy lingerie. Your girlfriend likes to know that you find her sexy and attractive, and one way to seduce your girlfriend is by giving her some hot lingerie. This gift tells her that you like her body so much you want her to show it off for you. In addition, this is a very intimate, special kind of gift that sends a nice message to her about how you feel about your relationship.
  4. Flirt with her during the day. To seduce your girlfriend, you can’t just start the night you want to get some in the bedroom. You have to begin earlier in the day, telling her how much you love her and paying her compliments. Throughout the day you can send her texts and emails, being flirty and telling her how much you can’t wait to be with her later. When you see her later, meet her with enthusiasm, love, and caresses.
  5. Be the man you were when you were courting her. To seduce your girlfriend, you should be generous, thoughtful, kind, charming, witty, sensitive and happy. In short, you should be the man you were when you first met and you were trying to win her over. Remember, that that guy would do anything to win her hand. Make her feel like that again and your seduction efforts will be successful.
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