How To Seduce My Married Female Boss

Even the best-laid plan to seduce your married female boss can backfire and cost you your job, but if you feel real chemistry and are willing to take the risk, so do with caution. Before you jump to full-on seduction, test out the waters. Try casual flirting and see how your married female boss responds. If she smiles, laughs, and reacts, it's probably safe to assume that she's interested in you. If she blows you off or ignores your advances, however, chances are, she wants to stick with her husband.

  1. Keep your seduction outside the office. As you test the waters to see if your married female boss is interested in you, try to limit your flirtations to office parties, happy hour, company softball games, and other events outside the office.
  2. Make it clear that you're available. When the subject of relationships comes up, causally mention to your married female boss that you're single and are looking for an intelligent, accomplished woman.  
  3. Be subtle. Your approach to seducing your married female boss should be different than the one you'd use if you met a woman in a bar. Stroking your boss's hair or thigh will probably earn you a pink slip, not a date. Instead of the usual pick-up techniques, try complimenting your married female boss's skills, intellect, and insight.  
  4. Give yourself alone time with your boss. To maximize your chances of seducing your married female boss, try to find time when you can be alone together. This may mean arriving at the office early, working overtime, or volunteering for extra projects.


Know the difference between seduction and sexual harassment.  If your married female boss isn't receptive to your advances, back off immediately, apologize, and commit yourself to more professional workplace behavior. 

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