How to Seduce a Narcissist

Learning how to seduce a narcissist is not a difficult process. Narcissistic people are incredibly self absorbed. In their minds, the world revolves around them. They feel far superior to others. They feel flawless in certain aspects of their lives. Seducing a narcissist is as simple as showing this person their particular flaws. The manner of narcissism you're dealing with directly correlates with how you would deal with the person in question. Because this is a dating site and because  we usually equate narcissism with someone that finds themselves overly attractive, we'll take on cracking someone suffering from a form of somatic narcissism. A somatic narcissist is defined as someone who focuses on the primarily on the body, seeking beauty, physique and sexual conquests. Understanding why people suffer from this form of self involvement will make seducing a narcissist of this variety quite simple.

People suffer from somatic narcissism for one of two reasons.

  1. Either they've undergone the ugly duckling syndrome growing up or they've only been constantly told how beautiful they are over the course of their physical development. Ugly ducklings spend their childhood and adolescents being an outcast because of their physical appearance. Eventually developing into an attractive adult, the ugly duckling may (in a worst case scenario) harbor resentment against certain people for being mistreated based on his or her looks. This resentment can eventually begin to spread to all people. Ironically the ugly duckling becomes a slave to the very superficial values that made them an outcast in the first place.
  2. The second type of somatic narcissist develops the same slave like devotion to the superficial value of outer beauty. These narcissists have had too much positive reinforcement of their physical beauty force fed to them and not enough positive reinforcement on other aspects of a developing character. Outer beauty, once again, takes far more importance than anything else which can lead to the development of somatic narcissism.   

 No matter how they got to this point, a narcissist is a narcissist. The reason seducing a narcissist is so easy is simply this. Their dysfunctional view of values traps them in a one dimensional existence. Being beautiful becomes everything to them similar to an addiction. It drives them. It's their best friend. It can be their worst nightmare when they feel they're losing it. Expose this dependence and seducing a narcissist is easier then first grade mathematics.

So, just how do we seduce someone suffering from narcissism?

  1. Reverse psychology is definitely the best approach. Self absorbed people envision themselves as perfect, a cut above the rest and they expect other to share that same sentiment. What's the easiest way to initiate the seduction of a narcissist? Treat them like they're no better than anyone else. In this case treat them like they're average in appearance. In a club setting, for instance, walk right by them and talk to someone else. They'll break their brains wondering exactly how you didn't notice them. When you decide to approach them you've already broken their defenses by separating yourself from the rest of the butt kissers.
  2. Once you get to this point, consider your target seduced. During the conversational phase of your conquest, purposely stay away from complementing your target on their appearance. It'll  drive them nuts! They'll begin to develop an interest in you simply because you've stayed away from the standard compliments pertaining to beauty. They'll begin to wonder about you and in essence you'll stop seducing the narcissist and allow them to seduce themselves in your favor. Fun isn't it? They'll begin to feel as if they somehow need to gain your favor, as if they need you to think they're beautiful.
  3. Hook, line and sinker. The final stage of your seduction simply involves showering them with mediocre compliments then blowing them off. Give them attention then act like you don't care. You'll come to realize that they've developed an addiction in gaining your acceptance. It's your job to never fully give them the acceptance they require to feel comfortable. The successful seduction of a narcissistic person is as simple as reintroducing them to the suppressed insecurities that plagued them when they were younger.
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