How to Seduce a Nerd

A nerd fetish is huge in this country, so learning how to seduce a nerd is a great topic to discuss. A nerd can be one of the sexiest things on the dating market and it is proven that they are freaks in bed. Here are a couple of things to help you when seducing a nerd.

  1. Don’t assume that you’re not “nerd worthy”. If you’re athletic or very social, don’t assume that you’re not going to be able to seduce a nerd. Nerds love social events; they just don’t get invited to them. Don’t be afraid to approach them with fire in your eyes.
  2. Don’t mock them. If they have an interest in something that is really nerdy like "Star Trek," don’t tell them that they’re nerds. You want to break the cycle. Ask them how they go into that topic or something along those lines. Seducing a nerd is all about appealing to their nerdy side.
  3. Take them on a real date. You don’t have to take a nerd on a nerdy date. When seducing a nerd you want to treat them like everybody else. Where would you take a normal date? That’s where you should take your nerd.
  4. Don’t act nerdy. Not all nerds want to be with other nerds. They want to be with people that have common interests, but they also like guys that are way different than them. Being yourself and not “nerding out” is essential to seducing a nerd.
  5. Share something intimate with them. You don’t have to tell them about how your dog died when you were eight and you’re still heartbroken over it, but you want to connect with them. Seducing a nerd involves an emotional connection and you’re not going to achieve that if the emotion is fake.
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