How To Seduce Older Moms

 Learning how to seduce older moms is easy. It is just about the easiest type of seduction you can try, and is a good place to start if you are just learning. The reason that it is so easy to seduce older moms is because they are usually under appreciated. If you show them some attention, you can usually get what you want.

  1. To seduce an older mom, you must separate yourself from the pack. You must make the older mom believe you are not like all of other guys who just want a quick ticket to the bedroom.
  2. Make yourself stand out by listening. Moms in general spend a lot of their day talking with children. Children don't listen; they love to talk. So, if you want to seduce an older mom, learn to listen. You might hear ten stories about how cute her children are, but just smile. The more the mom talks, the closer you are to a great night in the bed.
  3. Offer to help with their kids. Moms work hard, and need a break from taking care of their kids. Be the one to shoulder the responsibility, and she will see you as a good provider, and her instincts will take over. The key to seducing a M.I.L.F. may just be picking her son up from Little League.
  4. Giving good compliments is important if you want to learn how to seduce a mom. Give the mother compliments, but avoid sexual ones. Mothers feel they never get any respect, so give them some. Just a small compliment about her hair, or how good dinner was can do wonders in getting her in the mood.
  5. Be friends with her kids. Kids have a lot of power over who their mother dates. If you want to seduce a mother, it is a good idea to get in good with the children.
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