How to Seduce an Older Woman

In today’s society it is not uncommon for younger men to wonder how to seduce an older woman. And with good reason too. It is a well-known fact that cougar chicks are much more mature and experienced and, more often then not, are superior lovers. What man wouldn’t want to seduce an older woman?

Unfortunately, there are a great deal of young bucks out there who do succeed time and time again at bedding girls their own age, but fail miserably when going after their “Mrs. Robinson”. Well Junior, today is your lucky day because we asked experts their thoughts on how to seduce an older woman and came up with these great tips.

  1. Be Yourself – Keeping in mind that she is older and more experienced than you, it is safely assumed that she has a keen intuition about men and can clearly see what is beneath the surface. Make sure to be yourself (on your best behavior, of course). You’ll never be able to seduce an older woman by putting on a façade. She’ll see right through you.
  2. Show Her New Things – Even though she may have a few more years and life experiences than you doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can show her. Find out what interests her that she hasn’t experienced and it experience it with her. Doing this will make you more exciting to her and also showcase your thoughtfulness.
  3. Enhance Your Discussion Topics – If you want to seduce an older woman you’ll have to use more brains than brawn. Mature ladies require mature conversationalists so be prepared have meaningful conversations and discuss intelligent topics.
  4. Take it Slow – You never want to rush an older woman. She has likely had numerous adult relationships and has already made the “jumping in” mistakes that are commonly made by younger generations. She’ll want to wait until just the right time, when she’s ready, to give you that much anticipated green light. If you rush her, she’ll rush right out the door.
  5. Respect Her Maturity Without Making Spectacle of it – When you set out to seduce and older woman the last thing you’ll ever want to do is make frequent mention of the age difference between you. She is a woman, no matter how old or young she is and expects to be treated …like a woman. Unnecessary remarks about her age or the difference in age makes guys appear to be hung up on it. Remember, saying “You look great” goes much further than “You look great for your age.”

Following these few tips could bring you much closer to taming the cougar you’ve set your sights on.


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