How To Seduce Over Lunch

You only have an hour and then it's back to the grind, so learn how to seduce over lunch and bag the working girl of your dreams. You'll need to be pretty slick to seal the deal in this limited time frame, but ask the 32% of Americans who've had extra-marital affairs and they'll tell you it's possible. 

  1. Sit together when eating lunch in a group. If you eat in the lunchroom with all of your co-workers every day, make it a point to sit next to the woman you're hoping to seduce over lunch. Don't attract your co-workers attention though; always try to keep your private affairs to yourself. Your employer could even have a policy against office romances.
  2. Ask the woman you are trying to seduce over lunch to eat out with you. Start by inviting this lady to something casual. While you're eating alone together it will be easier for you to gauge her interest in a non-professional way. 
  3. Read her body language. When she's alone with you, does she make it a point to touch you? Does she put her hand on your arm while she's speaking to you or stand very close to you while you're waiting for a table? These are indicators that she is interested in more than just soup and salad. 
  4. Pick up the check. If the woman you're trying to seduce over lunch lets you pay once, she may still be considering you just friend material. If she lets you pay twice, however, it's almost certain that she considers you more than just an office mate.
  5. Invite her to eat at your place. If she agrees to come back to your apartment then you have succeeded in seducing her over lunch. Keep some food and maybe even a little bit of wine on hand and call in sick for the rest of the afternoon if you need to. 
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