How to Seduce a Pisces Woman

Understanding how to seduce a Pisces woman takes a great deal of learning. Pisces women are very sensitive individuals. They can take everything to heart and fall in love fast or you can rub them the wrong way and they can hold a grudge forever. Therefore, possessing the proper seducing techniques for Pisces women can come in handy if you want to bring out the bad girl that lurks deep down inside.

  1. Talk to them!-Pisces love when they have an education man that can hold a great conversation, whether it is in person, over the phone or through texting. If you can stimulate her mind, then you can definitely stimulate other places.
  2. Be creatively romantic!-Pisces are known for being very artsy and romantic. They love being surrounded by creativity and they often follow their own drumbeat. Therefore, thinking out of the box while still being romantic is a great way to seduce a Pisces woman.
  3. Take notice-If you want to seduce a Pisces, you need to be extremely visual. Take notice of a new hairdo or makeup. Compliment her on her fabulous outfit or shoes. Pisces women and women for that matter love compliments. The more you throw those compliments, the more action you will get in return.
  4. Take time out to recite a naughty poem or love letter.-A sure fire way to seduce a Pisces women is to stimulate her heart. Pisces women wear their hearts on their sleeve. Also, they are very much in tuned to poetry, music, writing and paintings. Therefore, Instead of sending her a raunchy poem, how about going a step further and record yourself reading the poem or better yet, send her a video of you reading the poem. (Shirtless is always acceptable as well!)
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