How to Seduce a Prude

Learning how to seduce a prude takes patience, practice, and restraint. While prudish women are not necessarily opposed to relationships or sexual expression, they are often shy and uncomfortable with overtly sexual gestures and aggressive advances. To successfully seduce a prude, you must allow her to move at her own pace and not rush her into anything before she seems like she is ready.

  1. Establish a platonic relationship. Prudes are not likely candidates for a one night stand or a random hook-up. Seducing a prude means getting to know her on a personal level first. Be non-threatening and show her that you enjoy her company. She will need to trust you as a person before she will want to become physically involved with you.
  2. Court her. Because prudes are opposed to relationships that are strictly sexual or physical, it is important that you show her that you are interested in spending time with her and dating her. Dinner, movies, and some of the more stereotypical romantic activities are often popular with the prudish set. Be romantic.
  3. Be clear that you want to see her exclusively. Prudish women do not usually want to be with a man who is seeing more than one woman at a time. They are also often well-educated and acutely aware of the risks of STDs, and will be turned off it they think you might be sleeping with other people who may have less-than-perfect medical histories.
  4. Wait before you make a move. Just because you've let her know she's the only one does not mean you can seduce a prude immediately, or even kiss her. Be a gentleman and take a couple of weeks before you try to seduce her. She may even surprise you and let you know she's ready, or on rare occasions, make a move herself.
  5. Go slow. Pay attention to her signals and don't try to go farther than she wants. Be extra-conscious of her body language. If she starts to push you away, back off and ask her if she's okay. Reassure her that she is safe. Continue to move slowly and carefully. If she does not want to go "all the way", do not force her. Allow her to take her time.

To seduce a prude, you must remain on her terms throughout the process. Do not do anything that might scare her away and do not move too fast. Prudish women are not less sexually inclined, they are just more demure and less forthcoming. Always remember that to seduce a prude, slow and steady will usually win the race.

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