How to Seduce a Religious Girl

For quite literally centuries, men have asked the question "How do I seduce a religious girl". More often than not they have failed, for one of two reasons. Either they treated the girl like any other woman, or they treated her with kid gloves. Seduction is an art form. But once you know the basics, there will be no stopping you.

  1. First off, you will need to do standard prep work.  Great hygiene will be your starting point.  Groom yourself from head to toe. If you have sisters or female friends, ask them what they would list as the top three do's and don'ts, and implement what you hear. No matter what your personal style, be true to it. Clean and presentable. Don't try to GQ if that's not you.  
  2. Very important: Do NOT bathe in body wash, cologne, or body spray. The scent should not outweigh anything you may say or do.  It should be so 'barely there' that the religious girl in question wants to lean in and get closer to you. That's step one of effective seduction. 
  3. Now that you have the basic presentation down, think about the religious girl you wish to seduce. Is she devout? Is sex outside of marriage against her religion? This is usually the case. If so, you'll be walking a mighty fine line. Especially if her family is active in her life. Parents are much more likely to call you on your attempt to seduce their religious daughter than she is herself. If they do, assure them your intentions are honorable. After that, you have a decision to make. Is the seduction worth the additional effort it will take for you to prove yourself?  If not, keep moving. She's not the only fish in the sea.
  4. However, if seduction AND a long-term relationship is what you are hoping for, then hang in there. You may want to rethink your desire to seduce the woman you love, especially since to do so would likely cause her a great deal of spiritual pain.
  5. If love and commitment isn't on the line, then do some hard thinking about how you can get under her radar.  I once heard of a young man who told the religious girl he wished to seduce, "God told me that the next woman I sleep with will be my wife, whether it be before or after marriage."  It worked, and he moved on. She, however, was embarrassed that she bought that line for decades after.

Seduction really has nothing to do with who you are attempting to seduce. It all comes down to believing you can, and using the tools you have at your disposal to make it happen. After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness! It's just a short hop over to using that knowledge to your advantage.

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