How to Seduce a Roommate

If you're living with a girl and you'd like to know how to seduce a roommate, you might be in for a wild ride. There are certain things that you have going for you, but there are certain things that you must do in order to keep yourself out of the friend zone. Seducing your roommate can be tricky, but follow these steps and you'll know whether or not it's possible.

Find out their status. Since you're living with them, you probably already know this. Just because they have a boyfriend doesn't mean they can't have you on the side, so don't let this discourage you. If they are single then you have a great opportunity. Finding out their status is essential to seducing your roommate.

Figure out if it’s worth it. Seducing you roommate could lead to a multitude of complications. But who doesn't want a little excitement in their lives? Weigh the consequences and determine whether or not you actually want this in your life.

Let them know you're interested. You don't have to come right out and tell them that you should share a bed, you can make little hints. When they talk about being single or how their boyfriend doesn't treat them right, make it clear that you're different. Using phrases like “You could do a lot better for yourself” or “I feel lonely sometimes too” is a great start. Using an encrypted phrase with metaphor is key when seducing your roommate.

Give a little mystery to the relationship. Don’t prance around in your underwear. If you walk around the house undressed, it makes it seem like you are comfortable with them. Comfort is good, but you want to seduce your roommate, not make them feel like your sister.

Make a date night without making it a date. You can beef up the tension by arranging for the two of you to go out. While you're out, pretend she is your girlfriend. Buy her drinks and treat her right. You won't have to work so hard because she's already coming home with you. When you get home, have a night cap and see where it leads.

Seducing a roommate can be dangerous territory. If you do wind up in bed together it would be wise to lay a set of ground rules. Covering all of your bases will make the transition better and not leave you scouring through the rental ads.

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