How to Seduce a Russian Girl

Since the day that every boy saw the Russian girl kill somebody with her legs in Goldeneye, we’ve been wondering how to seduce a Russian girl. The fact of the matter is that most Russian girls are very easy to seduce if you utilize a few tools. Here are some tips to guide you along the way.

  1. Use your patriotism. That’s right. Russian women are extremely attracted to American men. They want to be with American men because we are so much more stable than men in their native country. Use this tool to help you seduce a Russian girl.
  2. Be in control. Russian girls love a man who will tell them exactly what they want. Don’t beat around the bush if you want  to seduce a Russian girl. Tell them what you will do with them and how you will treat them. Russian women are submissive in nature so use this when seducing one.
  3. Be confident. A key factor in seducing Russian women is using your confidence. Don’t mistake arrogance for confidence, as this will get you nowhere. You must be confident when speaking to them or they will simply brush you off. Know that you are going to seduce a Russian girl and it will come true.
  4. Learn a little Russian. What is a really great way to seduce a Russian girl? Learn how to say a couple of phrases in Russian. You don’t have to be a walking dictionary, but you should at least learn how to tell them that they are beautiful or that you would like to take them out sometime.
  5. Listen to them. You don’t have to learn everything about them, but listen to what they want and respect that. You need to show your Russian girl that you’re interested in who they are and not just what they have in their pants. When you want to seduce a Russian girl, you need to show them that you will provide all of the emotional support they need.
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