How to Seduce a Sagittarius Woman

Seduction is an art and at times can be difficult; yet the idea of how to seduce a Sagittarius woman can be easy with the right tools and attitude. Everyone has a certain affinity for things and dislike of others. In order to seduce a Sagittarius woman, it is important to understand what makes them tick. Before tackling the seduction of the Sagittarius woman, prepare for a wild, enthusiastic ride of travel, laughter, and heat in the bedroom.

  1. First of all, the most important things to seducing a Sagittarius woman is knowing their love of travel, and freedom. They thrive on excitement and new things. It is incredibly hard to tie a Sagittarius woman down. it is important to give her space to grow and roam. A key component of seducing a Sagittarius woman is to know that she encompasses two sides, one that is on the top, which is idealistic and philosophical, and the bottom side which is fun-loving. In order to meet the expectations of this Sagittarius woman, both parts must be fully engaged and appreciated.  
  2. During the quest to seduce a Sagittarius woman, a person must be willing to pursue new horizons.  Traveling is a good route to take for results. New destinations and adventures are a sure fire way to get the results of seduction. If travel is not in the cards, most Sagittarius women like the open and are very sports-oriented. Participating in activities outside or playing basketball on a Sunday afternoon could get the ball rolling.
  3. Be direct and put thoughts into action. Sagittarius women do not like someone who beats around the bush. They like someone who puts their best foot forward and makes a move. Seducing a Sagittarius woman can be achieved by being assertive in the right way. If a strip tease is something the Sagittarius woman finds invigorating, do it, without questioning why. They want action and someone who does not have to depend on them. They want to know that their partner or significant other is dependable, but not prone to dependency.
  4. They want to fire off all their erogenous zones at one time. The art of seducing a Sagittarius woman is to pleasure her in the bedroom beyond what she thought was ever possible. The heat in the bedroom with a Sagittarius is already on fire, so take it to the next level and go beyond typical safe zones. Find out ways to do different sexual positions or find ways to massage all parts of her body. The number one erogenous zone for a Sagittarius woman is her inner thighs, or just thighs in general. This is a fool proof way to get her going without much work and keep her interested.
  5. They are typically smart and go for what they want. In certain instances, Sagittarius women like to be the one to pursue the man simply because they like the adventure in it. They have a good head on their shoulders and get bored easily. Be intellectually stimulating to the Sagittarius woman to keep her interest.

Even though the typical Sagittarius woman might seem high maintenance–and she might be–after putting all the leg work into seducing her, it will result in an amazing relationship. If these steps are used, there is little room that this Sagittarius woman will walk away without being at least a little bit intrigued. So, congratulations in advance for finding a relationship that will fulfill all the components of life: love, laughter, and adventure.


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