How To Seduce Sister-In-Law

Learning to seduce a sister-in-law means learning how to make alluring suggestions. If you want to make love with your sister-in-law you must be tactful, or you risk creating a family disaster. But, if you are sure you want to seduce your sister-in-law, it can be done.

  1. Go slow. Really slow. One false move, and you will become the black sheep of the family. Don’t attempt to seduce your sister-in-law with a bold moves, or too quickly.
  2. Watch for non-verbal signals. Your sister-in-law will probably not come right out, and ask you to take her at the next family reunion. You may notice that she dresses sexually when you see her, or perhaps she will touch your back, or hand, if given the opportunity,
  3. Mimic her. If you are sure the two of her are on the same page, when it comes to the affair, start to mimic her. If she touches your back, touch hers. If she takes your hand, take her hand. If she is receptive to your touch, you can proceed knowing she wants more.
  4. Have your affair out of town. Be sure that you get as far away as possible before having the affair with your sister-in-law. Try to take a trip ot of town, or at least out of the immediate area. Be quick. Do the deed, and separate.
  5. Avoid feelings. Don’t fall in love. Don’t tell her you love her. Don’t allow her to fall in love with you either.
  6. Know when to end the affair with your sister-in-law. Don’t allow the affair to continue for a long time. The longer the affair lasts, the more of a chance you will fall in love, and the chance of someone finding out about the affair will increase. Just have your fun, and end it.



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