How to Seduce a Sister-In-Law

So you want to know how to seduce a sister-in-law?

Seducing your sister-in-law is dangerous. Anyone can be seduced if you approach them the right way, but you better know what you're doing. You run the risk of destroying your family whether you're successful or not. One slip up will leave you homeless in a best case scenario. You'll only be able to pull this off if there's already some friction between the sisters, and if your sister-in-law has already shown some interest in you. If you think you're up for the challenge then here we go. Let's seduce you're sister-in-law.

  1.  Introduce her to the green eyed monster. No, not the one eyed monster, that's for later. The only way you can even attempt to get this girl is to create jealousy between her and her sister. She's got to see you treat your wife like a queen. She's got to want what her sister has… You. Seducing your sister-in-law only works if you can bait her with something she wants. You want her, so make her want you. Better yet make her want the idea of what you give to her sister.
  2. Send subtle signals. This is very tricky. You've got to continue treating your wife like she's your world, while simultaneously, very subtly, expressing an interest in the sister-in-law. When I mean subtle, I mean subtle. Don't pull the bull in a china shop approach and profess your undying love for the girl. You do that and you're done! The most powerful form of seduction is convincing her that she convinced herself to start checking you out. Don't force feed her. Give her a look here and there, see how she responds. You'll know if you have a chance.
  3. Get her thinking. You have to get her actively thinking about taking your wife's place. Now if there's already a riff between the sisters, this isn't as difficult as you would think. If you've done your job to this point, seducing your sister-in-law becomes a spectator sport. Begin to do nice boyfriend type stuff for her, but keep your overall interactions with her plutonic, except for, of course, making  the occasional seductive eye contact with her. This'll jump start the wheels in her mind. Let her brain do the work for you. Just continue doing what you're doing.
  4. Make your wife look like the bad guy. By this point your sister-in-law should already be entertaining the idea of getting close to you. The next stage for seducing your sister-in-law is to see her in a sister in a negative light. It's important, however, that you don't thrust your wife into that negativity. Let her do it on her own. let your sister-in-law see you guys fight over something petty. Get your wife to be a jerk, while you purposely take the high road.
  5. Spend more time with her. Use any excuse to spend time with your sister-in-law. If you've made it this far, you're in the final stages… So don't mess up. Just being around her, being your naturally charming self should do the trick.  Seducing your sister-in-law is like baiting a fish. The only reason fish get caught is  because they decide to go after the hooked worm… So let her come get you. You've already been throwing her signs. You've already been enticing her, eventually she'll get hooked.
  6. Let her come to you. After all is said and none her curiosity alone should bring her to you. You could even play slightly hard to get to uphold that "good guy" motif. It'll drive her nuts. If you've done everything correctly, the only thing you'll need to think about is when you want to pounce on your prey.

You're a brave soul to embark on this rather dastardly journey. Everyone has some sort of vice that nags at them. Everyone is susceptible to some sort of seduction. It's your job to figure how to use that weakness to get what you want. Seducing your sister-in-law is no different find out what she needs and provide a fill for that void in her life.

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