How to Seduce a Smart Girl

Learning how to seduce a smart girl is something that all men want to know. A smart girl usually has a great head on her shoulders, financial security, and something to talk about. Wading through the dating waters and only going out with bimbos is one way to frustrate yourself beyond repair. Seducing a smart girl isn’t that hard. It’s actually easier than seducing a dumber one. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

  1. Be yourself. Seducing a smart girl is all about being yourself. If she truly is smart then she’s going to see right through all of the gimmicky crap that other men try out. Be yourself during your conversation and you’ll go very far.
  2. Act your age. Even if you like to get goofy sometimes, act your age when seducing a smart girl. She may enjoy talking about politics, literature, and current events. If you don’t know about these topics,she’ll be glad to tell you and the conversation will be rolling very well.
  3. Take care of yourself. When you are seducing a smart girl, they want to know that you are in good shape. You don’t have to be a body builder or anything, but you need to at least be able to finish a mile.
  4. Watch what you say. One of the biggest turn offs for any smart girl is the use of profanity or racial slurs. You don’t want to come off as ignorant or unintelligent, so definitely watch what you say around them. You want to be eloquent and sophisticated.
  5. Don’t try too hard. Smart girls can see right through any seduction phase. You want to act naturally and let them know that you’re interested, but you don’t want to jump right into anything. Smart girls like to make the first move, so this shouldn’t be a problem if you keep your cool.
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