How to Seduce a Stranger

One of the biggest mysteries for every man is how to seduce a stranger. Many men believe that women aren’t just women. They feel like we have to know each of them intimately in order to push their buttons. The fact of the matter is that you don’t. You can use the following tools to help seduce a stranger.

  1. Always give the stranger your name before they can give you their name. Normally you would only give your name out if the woman asked for. This is great way to tell if she’s interested in you. However, since you are taking the chance and approaching her cold, it’s best to introduce yourself first. When you’re trying to seduce a stranger, you want her to feel comfortable in her environment.
  2. Don’t play grab ass. When you first try to seduce a stranger, you are a stranger to them also. Don’t touch them until they touch you first. This could be a slight brush of the leg or a pat on the shoulder.
  3. Tell her why you came over. Playing a game with her and trying to drop hints with metaphors is never going to work on a stranger. You want her to know why you came over to her. This is essential seducing a stranger because it conveys your confidence.
  4. Determine her status. Making an ass out of yourself for no reason is never good. You need to see if she’s single. If she tells you that she has a boyfriend, retreat immediately. She’s not playing hard to get. She’s saying leave me alone.
  5. Don’t run game. You don’t want it to seem like you’re running some kind of routine on her. Seducing a stranger is all about improvisation. Have a little fun, but stay on task.
  6. Expect rejection but don’t show it. A lot of women do not feel comfortable with being approached by a stranger, but some really get off on it. If you plan on getting rejected you can have a plan in place for when she lies about a boyfriend.

Seducing a stranger is not easy, but it can get easier over time. Follow these rules and you’ll definitely see a difference in the way that women react to your approaches.

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