How to Seduce a Stripper

Knowing how to seduce a stripper is a fantasy shared by many men. The idea of making a woman desired by many men your very own drives some men to attempt the feat deemed impossible by others. If you follow a few hints, your efforts to seduce shall be successful.

  1. Be more than a customer. Strippers view customers as dollar signs, nothing more. When seducing a stripper, you need to make her view you as someone not interested in the fantasy she is offering. The guise may be that you are only there for a friend, or there on business.  Do not buy lap dances or offer her money when she is dancing.
  2. Appear financially secure. Strippers are money driven and are typically searching for security.  When seducing a stripper, dress in nice or obviously expensive attire and style your hair into a business look. The addition of jewelry to your outfit is an extra touch that will impress, especially cuff links and chains.  Stand up very straight and do not sit in her presence so that you are always looking downward at her. Take every opportunity to touch your cuff links.
  3. Draw her into your reality, and out of her fantasy world.  Seducing  a stripper involves letting her know that you have it better in your reality than she does in her fantasy.  Talk to her about business opportunities you are involved in and always leave at reasonable hours as you have "a real job" to attend to in the morning. Ask her questions about if she has ever thought of "working a real job" and even mention that she might be good at this job or that one.  Do not be condescending, but gentle in your encouragement for her to "do better".
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