How to Seduce a Virgo Woman

Seducing a Virgo will take time and effort, a quick roll is not an option with the Virgo woman.  Virgo's are fastidious and shy, do not attempt to seduce one by taking her out to a crowded, loud night club, or a sports bar and grill. Take the time to plan your seduction, think about the traits of the Virgo before asking her out, the time taken will be well worth the effort.

  1. Reserve an outside seat at a beach fronted restaurant that serves healthy foods, avoid fad restaurants or overly crowded ones.  After dinner take her to either an intimate jazz bar or piano lounge.  Remember that the Virgo is shy and avoids large crowds, taking her out with the "gang" is a big turn off, she wants to know that her potential lover is giving her undivided attention.
  2. When considering a gift for the Virgo woman, try something that shows a conservative nature, instead of a bouquet of cut flowers, bring a potted plant like African Violets or Orchids. Scents that are earthy rather than flowery work wonders when seducing the Virgo, try wearing a musk rather than popular colognes.  Avoid making sudden sexual moves, rather let her come to you.  The Virgo enjoys the teasing phase of sexual play, never rush her.
  3. Being a homebody by nature, the second or third date should be a quiet candlelit evening at home. Let her take care of you by cooking and serving you your favorite foods.  Avoid talking about problems, as she will tend to take on everyone else's worries as her own, instead be light hearted and teasing.
  4. Virgo's love creativity, try writing her a poem or song, or if not the creative type, dedicate a song to her on a local radio station where she will be sure to hear both the song and the dedication.
  5. Most importantly, do not let her stand-offish nature get in the way–be persistent and honest.  The Virgo will respond to honesty faster than complements and flowery words.
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