How To Seduce A Woman

Many men may be wondering how to seduce a woman. Really it isn’t a hard task. First, you should start out being honest. Women respect men who are honest. Of course, a little bit of romance doesn’t hurt either. By showing a woman a bit of romance, you are showing her that you want her.  You are also showing her that you believe that she is worth a little bit of effort and that you are a romantic.  Women love men who are romantics. If you need some extra tips, try some of the following. 

  1. Look the woman in the eyes when you talk to her:  Nothing says you are really interested in a woman more than looking into her eyes. Some women can believe they can actually see into a man’s soul if they look into hers as they talk to her.
  2. Ask the woman about herself:Most men want to talk about themselves. If a woman sees that a man actually cares enough to ask questions about her, she will be amazed and may become instantly aware of you. This awareness can lead to many places.
  3. As you are talking to her, make it a point to touch her:  Touch her hand, her arm, her hair. Little touches will generally send little shock waves through most people’s bodies, making them instantly aware of you. This can definitely get them into the mood for more physically contact.
  4. Be honest:  Women like honesty. Most women have met many dishonest men in their lives.  An honest man could be a rare change of pace for them. Of course, when you are being honest you also need to show some tact. Yes, do compliment a woman on what lovely hair she has if you believe she does. However, if you wish her breast was bigger, do not say this. Too much honesty will not help you to seduce her. It will just help you to find yourself standing alone.
  5. Don’t be too pushy:  Make sure the woman knows you like her, yet don’t be pushy.  Don’t hound her by phone or text.  Yet, smile at her and tell her in an honest sincere tone that you like her and that you would love to take it to the next level, if she is willing.
  6. Do compliment her.  Yet, remember the key about being honest. When you compliment her, compliment her on things you really admire. For instance, if you love her hair or her sense of humor say so. However, use your brain here. Don’t say anything crude about her what great breasts she has.  This may not be the time.
  7. Allow her to make the first move sexually:  Many women may appreciate this.  When you feel you are ready to take the relationship to the next level, you can mention that you would like to get to know her better, when she is ready. Yes, this goes along with the don’t be too pushy advice and bears repeating.
  8. Do offer to buy her nice dinners:  Women enjoy to be wooed. This will never go out of style. However, do not make her think that this means she has to give you anything in return.
  9. Help her to relax:Before any game of seduction can begin a woman needs to relax. Music and a drink can sometimes help a woman to relax. Some women may relax even more with a simple foot massage and back rub. Remember the key is for to feel comfortable with you and with you touching her. Begin slowly and do not rush the moment.
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