How To Seduce Women Going Through Divorce

Knowing when and how to seduce women going through divorce is, at best, dicey. After all, you must learn how to read divorced women during this vulnerable point in their lives.  They probably are dealing with a kaleidoscope of strange, mixed emotions, an uncooperative ex-spouse and more than likely, upset, confused children.  Alternatively, she may be blessedly relieved, even liberated! In this case, she’s ripe for a romp and for the picking! In any case, if you want her badly enough, here is the 4-1-1 on how to make her want you as much as you want her.

  1. Do not push or guilt her. Unless you catch her knee-deep into her cups and she insists on getting her freak on, try to remain a gentleman. If you care about the woman and want to further your relationship with her, don’t be “rebound guy.” Now, if a quick, emotionless fling is what both of you want and need, then rock that woman!
  2. Understand her temporary schizophrenia. At first, you need to be kind and just go with the flow. There is a cycle of betrayal and hurt, loss and grief. If you want to learn how to seduce women going through divorce, you must empathize with her. She may not be in a right frame of mind. A woman going through divorce may be easily distracted, forget important decisions or let bills pile up. If you will be patient, it will get easier for you both and she will come to you willingly.
  3. Anyone for a glass of bitters? This is the part where you must show extreme understanding. If you are going to try to seduce women going through divorce, take precaution and do not get too near the lion’s cage at first. Her divorce may have left her feeling terribly angry; she may not like men very much right now. Tread softly. If you dazzle and distract her with romance and sincerity, she may detract those claws.
  4. Empower her. How you seduce women going through divorce is really all about the dance. Unless she is made of stone, no woman going through a divorce comes out unscathed. She confidence needs to be built back up again and you are just the stud to make it happen. Tell her she’s beautiful. Whisper the words she has been longing to hear for far too long; she will be putty in your hands.
  5. Encourage her to experiment. The battle has been won; you have broken down her defenses and learned how to successfully seduce women going through divorce. Finally, it’s time to captain this ship. It’s also the perfect time to get her to express herself sexually. She may have had many years of unsatisfying, colorless sex. Encourage her to spread her wings; just be ready for her awakening.
  6. Be discreet. Custody or property battles can be grueling on anyone. At first, you may need to keep a low profile her kids and neighbors. Respect what she is going through right now and you just may reap all the wonderful rewards by learning how to seduce a woman going through divorce.
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