How To Seduce Women Online

Believe it or not but you can easily learn how to seduce women online. The ability to create who you are and maintain that persona while using your natural personality to attract is very do-able. There are many ways to seduce women online but the best strategy relies on patience and creativity. In order to successfully meet and learn about someone who is possibly hundreds or thousands of miles away; you definitely have to have a good plan. It is not hard to learn how to seduce women online.

  1.  The first thing that grabs a ladies' attention is a good joke. Humor is extremely important in the process of seduction. Nothing is quite as fun and attractive as a man with a great sense of humor. If you can make her laugh or smile; you can be sure she will seek you out the next time she is online.
  2.  Involving yourself in an interesting conversation with the opposite sex can attract their attention. Women love men with intelligence and better yet; intelligence paired with humor. If at first, you can make her laugh; you are sure to be well on the way to seducing women online when they realize you can back that joke with a knowledgeable attitude.
  3. Women love a genuine compliment. Offering compliments that seem to be true are a plus when attempting to seduce women online. Whether you have met on a forum or social site; it is important to make her feel special. Always be polite and take note of the qualities in her personality. You have not yet seen a photograph of the subject; compliments of her personality are the first steps toward becoming closely acquainted.
After you have shared a joke, engaged in an interesting conversation and gave her a compliment; you will begin to make the first connection in attraction. At this point, you will be able to tell if she is interested in taking things beyond friendship. Small talk will lead to more and more personal information being shared between the two of you. At some point; there will  be the question of mutual attraction being brought forward. If the attraction is mutual; plans to meet in person can be arranged or you can continue to grow your online cyber relationship with creative avenues of entertainment. Some explorations include cyber sex, chat scenarios and even sharing phone numbers if you feel safe with that endeavor.  By this time you will know you have been successful in seducing women online.
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