How to Seduce Women Out of Your League

How do you seduce women that are out of your league? This is the question of the ages.  How do you obtain the unattainable woman?  What can little old you do to convince this goddess to pay attention to you? 

Men have strained every neuron in their brains trying to develop methods to answer this question since the dawn of humanity. There have been poetic verses to novels to scientific studies dedicated to helping guys understand what it is exactly that makes women tick. Read all the literature you want. You wont come any closer to understanding how to seduce women until you get rid of one major mental roadblock in your head. She is not an object to be attained, she is human… And because she's human she is not, we repeat, not out of your league. No one's perfect. We all have flaws, fears, and insecurities. It's what makes us human. Understanding this makes your ability to seduce women that much stronger. Once you can convince yourself that she's on the same playing field as you then we can continue.

Ready? Good.

  1. When men refer to women being out of their league, they are usually talking about physical appearance.  Dig this gentlemen. Visual stimulation is far more important to a man than to a woman.  Don't get us wrong, no woman wants an unkempt dog (so please iron your shirts and clean your nails before you attempt to seduce the woman in question). But according to a psychological study done by the American Psychological Association ( "163 undergraduate students rated, on a scale of one to nine, how much importance they placed on the attractiveness and career ambition of a potential partner…As with previous studies, men rated attractiveness higher than women did." Just because you may not be a dead ringer for Brad Pitt doesn't mean you're necessarily disqualified. She's more likely interested in other aspects of your character than just the physical. So, um, plays those aspects up.
  2. It's been said a million times.  Being honest and confident in yourself is a very important element in seducing women. If you don't like yourself, then why should she? Be careful that your bravado doesn't cross the line into narcissism. Being self absorbed is seduction suicide. Period.
  3. Because visual stimulation isn't the sole, nor the most important basis on which women make mating choices, It's an excellent idea for you not to be like every other guy and base your seduction of her only on her looks. 99% of all guys spit some tired line about her being "so beautiful" or "so fine." Trust me, she knows she's attractive and probably knows that you think she's attractive. It's ok to tell her she's hot, but let her know you admire her for reasons other than her aesthetic or sexual appeal. Tell her you like her political views or the way she thinks about things or you're impressed by her Masters degree. This is guaranteed to separate you from the rest of the wolves.
  4. Finally, the best way to seduce a woman is through her mind. Get into her brain. Everyone is unsure or insecure about something. Everyone is missing something. Find out what she's lacking and fill that void. This approach to seducing women is by far the most powerful and effective. Once you get into her head, you've got her. Men are simple creatures. If she looks good, men bite. Women are much more complex when it comes to the emotional realm. This usually intimidates men. You, however, can use her complexities as a strong tool for seducing her.

 These guidelines are a good basis to get started with. It'll take a little practice and patience, but once you develop a real understanding of human psychology, the world will be your oyster and the ladies will be your pearls. Just don't be a dog and give other guys a bad name.

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