How To Seduce Younger Women

There are many things to remember when learning how to seduce younger women. Women look for certain things in a man and it doesn't take many mistakes to totally ruin your chances. Before you endeavor to wow the ladies; you must first learn about the type of woman you are trying to seduce. Women are different; as varied as colors or types of foods. Strategies must vary as well. For this instance, I will approach the methods of seducing the younger woman as if the woman were outgoing and sociable.

The following steps guide the average man through how to seduce a younger woman. 
  1. Who is this woman you seek? The first step is to identify who the desired conquest is and to figure out what she likes and doesn't like. By getting an idea of what she loves to do, the foods she likes to eat and the small things that bring a smile to her face; you are getting inside information which can make it extremely easy to approach the female you are interested in. You are well on your way to seducing her if you learn the basics up front. 
  2. The next step to seduce a younger woman is to make sure she knows your goals. A man with a career or status is very appealing to a younger woman. what is better than a man who would efficiently be able to take care of her? When approaching the lady that you are interested in; it is very important to be able to talk confidently about your credentials. This is naturally the next step after establishing a basic connection when sharing mutual likes and dislikes. This of course would have been learned before the introduction of course.
  3. The third step would be to find out if the lady of your attentions is in need of any assistance with anything. This can be learned during basic conversation concerning both yours and her career. When there is an issue that she jokes about or concern she is having; then is the best time to become the hero. Offering assistance to a younger woman is a turn on. She sees the offer of help as a gesture of friendliness and not an advance–if worded in the right manner. Always offer the help but with a mention of having an issue of your own close to wherever the issue is. This is not so overwhelming is seen as a passive offer of help. 
After establishing a reason for contact; it is pretty well left to chance. Observation of her reactions actions during the visit will let you know whether to advance or take it slowly. Facial expressions and body language generally will be the major  indications of whether she is interested or not. One visit or date should be enough to let you know your chances of seducing this younger woman.
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