How To Seduce Your Girlfriend Over The Phone

Keeping your relationship hot is important, that is why you should know how to seduce your girlfriend over the phone. You want to keep her engaged when you are talking on the phone; this will seduce her. Nothing is worse than trying to be romantic  when seducing your girlfriend only to find her more interested in her program on television. Seducing your girlfriend properly over the phone will keep her wanting for more. You do not want her telling all her friends that you are a bore, so take note on these tips to help seduce your girlfriend over the phone.

  1. Use plenty of humor. Woman like to laugh—it makes them comfortable when you are talking. Tell your girlfriend some funny stories to keep her engaged. It is a turn on when a man can keep a woman laughing.

  2. Comment on her appearance. Tell her how you like the outfit you last saw her in. This will let your girlfriend know that you pay attention to what she is wearing. Mention the details, down to the little design on her shirt. This will have her smiling big while she is on the other line. She will not even realize that she is being seduced.

  3. Tell her how much you miss her. Make your girlfriend feel like she is the most important thing in your world, while on the phone. Tell her how you cannot wait to see her again and you are counting down the days and hours. Make it sound as if there is nothing else as important going on with you.

  4. Tell her a good story. Even if you have to make one up, telling a good story on the phone will keep your girlfriend intrigued. Make it exciting so that she is wanting to hear more and does not want to miss any of it. Leave your girlfriend in suspense while on the phone so that it can build up for the next time you see one another again.





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