How To See Hidden Friends On Myspace

Need to know how to see hidden friends on MySpace? Have you ever wanted to see someone's hidden friends while browsing MySpace? You may be curious as to who is on your friends' own friends lists. You may wonder if you and someone else have any friends in common. MySpace has changed its website so much over time due to privacy issues, but there are ways you can still get through to those hidden friends. Follow these steps to find hidden friends on MySpace.

  1. Visit the person's profile. Go to the profile of the person whose friends you want to see on MySpace. Once you are there, pay attention to the URL in the web browser. You will need to use it for the next step to find their hidden MySpace friends.
  2. Look for the friend ID. To view anyone's hidden friends on MySpace, you will need their friend ID. Everyone on MySpace has one. The friend ID is the number that is at the end of the URL. You may want to write this number down. That way, you will not forget it and do not have to back track. Also, it may even be smart to keep a notebook of all the friend IDs you may use in the future. That way, you can keep from having to do step one over and over again in the future.
  3. Enter the MySpace URL for the hidden friends. After you have your friend's URL for viewing friends, then enter this address: You will need to add the friend ID at the end after the "=" in the URL. Hit enter in your browser window and you should be able to see the person's friends. You can use this URL for private MySpace pages, also.
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