How To See Who Views Your Myspace

Are you curious to know how to see who views your MySpace page? Many individuals who use social networking sites like MySpace track visitors who view their MySpace for various reasons. How to see who views your MySpace will require you to download a software that will create a code into your MySpace to be able to track IP addresses. You will need to do the following.

  1. Open your web browser. Search for Profile Snitch in your favorite search engine and access the homepage. Click the register icon that is shown on the left side of the page after the page opens. You will need to provide your unique information like your email address, MySpace ID and the password.
  2. Open a new window or tab. Sign in to your MySpace page. Then, copy your MySpace ID number that is in the series of numbers in the URL box that is after the ‘= ’sign. Copy this number then open the Profile Snitch registration page and paste it into the box provided for the user ID. Click the Submit button.
  3. Get your tracker code. Do this by scrolling down and clicking on ‘be sure to get your tracker code to get started. ’ Copy the code and open your MySpace page.  Then, go to "Edit tag" and paste the code into the "About Me" section and click "Save." Your profile will now show a Profile Snitch.
  4. Log in to Profile Snitch Website. Click the "My Stats" tab to see who has viewed your profile. 



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