How To Sell Air Jordans

Need to know how to sell Air Jordans? Thanks to their longevity and being named after legendary athlete Michael Jordan, Air Jordans are one of the most sellable basketball shoes on the market and are always in popular demand. The shoes are expensive, and have value no matter what year they came out. Whether you have one pair or are an avid collector, you can consider selling your Air Jordans and pass them along to the next Jordan shoe owner.

  1. Make sure your shoes are worth buying. Before you sell your Air Jordans, put yourself in your customer's shoes. Are the shoes clean on the interior and exterior? Are they in bad or good to excellent condition? These are the things you must remember to think about before selling them.
  2. Sell the shoes at online stores or via ad. Auction websites and online classifieds have one thing in common: they are one of the top places on the internet to sell merchandise. These places are usually free to join to become a seller; all you need to do is register, write an accurate description of your Air Jordans and place a few pictures of the shoes from different angles so the buyer knows what he is purchasing. Consider your options as there are a number of sites to choose from. Whether you want to set a flat price or set up an auction can influence your decision.
  3. Set a price. Most likely, the Air Jordans you are selling are used, and to attract customers your asking price should be reasonable, depending on the look and edition of the shoe. If it has a little crease to it, do not sell it for the price you paid. Instead, try to knock down the price anywhere between 20 to 30 bucks off. As described in step one, it is important to have the shoes in great condition if you want to make a nice profit.

Your Air Jordans should be authentic, not fake, as these shoes are pricey and people want their money's worth. Good luck selling your old Air Jordans!

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