How To Sell An Allen Iverson Authentic Jersey

Do you need to know how to sell an Allen Iverson authentic jersey? Have an Allen Iverson authentic jersey you wish to sell? Selling the authentic jersey is easy! The American basketball player, nicknamed The Answer, most recently played for the Philadelphia 76ers. He has also played for the Denver Nuggets, Detroit Piston and Memphis Grizzlies. An authentic Allen Iverson jersey can be worth a lot. Many fans would love the opportunity to buy the superstar Allen Iverson jersey.

In order to sell an authentic Allen Iverson jersey, you will need:

  • Internet access
  • Camera
  1. Take photos. When selling clothing, it is very important to take clear photos. If the item is used or has any flaws, you want to point these out in the photos. It is important that the buyer knows exactly what they are getting. Take photos in a well-lit area. Avoid using stock photos of the Allen Iverson jersey. Take a picture of the tag and stitching to prove authenticity.
  2. Create a listing. There are multiple online auction sites that allow you to sell clothing and other sports memorabilia. charges a listing fee along with a final sale fee. The final sale fee is usually a percentage of the sale amount, not including shipping. There are other lesser known auction sites where you can list the Allen Iverson jersey. The more popular auction sites reach a greater number of buyers.
  3. List in the classifieds. You can sell your Allen Iverson authentic jersey to locals by posting a classified ad. You can reach more collectors by posting a virtual classified ad.
  4. Join a forum or group. Allen Iverson has countless fans. You can sell your jersey on a fan forum. Fans are always looking to buy and sell memorabilia from their favorite athletes. Most are free to join. Some may require a small subscription fee to sell items.
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