How to Sell Banana Republic Clothes on Ebay

Learning how to sell Banana Republic clothes on eBay is fun and relatively easy to do. Best of all, you get to do it from the comfort of your own home. There are several things every eBay seller should do to be successful in selling Banana Republic clothes.

  1. The first thing you need to do is find the Banana Republic clothes to sell. The first place to start is in your own closet. If you have Banana Republic clothes you no longer want, you can start with selling your clothing. Shopping at Banana Republic is another way to find the clothing you want to sell. Since you need to purchase the clothing at a discount, shop the sale rack and look for coupons online. If you shop at the Banana Republic outlet you can save even more money. You can sometimes even find gently used Banana Republic clothing at thrift stores.
  2. Thoroughly inspect your Banana Republic clothes. No matter where you find your clothing, make sure to look it over for any imperfections. If you do find any minor flaws, make sure to note them in your listing.
  3. Once you are registered on eBay, start selling. Choose a title that describes your clothing as specifically as possible, and mention the Banana Republic name.
  4. Add pictures to your listing. Try to take pictures that are clear and show the details. Adding pictures helps show your clothing's authenticity. Take a picture of the label and any sales tags that are still attached to the clothing if it was purchased directly from the Banana Republic store. You can also add a picture of the store receipt, just cover up any pertinent information, such as your card number. More pictures not only authenticate your clothes, but help keep the buyer from having to ask for more pictures or skip your listing altogether.
  5. Add a detailed description. State in your description that the Banana Republic clothing is authentic. If you purchased the clothing directly from Banana Republic, state that in the listing. It's always good to clarify the color of the clothing, since it can sometimes look different in pictures. Make sure you state the size and add any measurements. The longer and more detailed the description, the more likely your Banana Republic clothes are to sell.
  6. Determine a price. How much you paid and how much other seller's are listing Banana Republic clothes for will help determine your price. However, you don't want to out price other online merchant's that are selling Banana Republic clothes. You actually want to try to go under whatever other online merchants are charging. However, you don't want to charge more than the clothing's original retail price. If using an auction style listing, it's smart to start the bid for at least the amount you paid.
  7. Payment, shipping and returns. Paypal is the only form of payment online merchants can accept through eBay. Make sure you have your Paypal account set up before you start selling Banana Republic clothes. You need to let the buyer know how many days they have to pay. You also need to let the buyer know how much the shipping charges are or whether it's free. If you have a return policy, you can also add that to your listing. However, you do not have to accept returns when selling Banana Republic clothes on eBay.
  8. Double check your listing. Check over your listing for any errors or any information you forgot to include. After you've looked over your listing, your Banana Republic clothing is ready to be listed.
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