How To Sell Brett Favre Collectibles

Want to know how to sell Brett Favre collectibles? Brett Favre collectibles including posters, bobble heads, footballs, cards and autographed memorabilia can be easily sold online. Of course, items that have been signed by Brett Favre will be much more valuable to a potential buyer. Brett Favre is a football player that has had a long career in the NFL. As a result, the demand for Brett Favre collectibles is very high. Because of Brett’s long football career he has many items that are sold as collectibles. Selling Brett Favre collectibles for a profit, or for charity, can be done through an online site.

To sell Brett Favre Collectibles, you will need:

  • Desirable Brett Favre items
  • proof of authenticity
  • Internet access
  1. Gather collectibles that have been autographed. Brett Favre collectibles are desired by sport enthusiasts, but autographed collectibles are more desirable. An old football poster of Brett Favre is worth money, but if a seller has a poster that is signed by Brett its worth significantly more. Make sure the collectable that is signed and autographed is authentic. If you have a certificate of authenticity the collectable immediately becomes more valuable. Collectors that are willing to spend a lot of money on sports memorabilia want proof that they are buying an authentic item.
  2. Sell online. Thanks to the internet people are able to sell a variety of products online. To sell Brett Favre collectibles all a person needs to do is simply go online and visit sites that sell sports memorabilia. Some of the well-respected online auction and merchant sites, including eBay and Amazon, will allow a user to set up an account and post items for sale. These items will start at a bidding price of your choice, and interested buyers will bid on that item. The final selling price could be more than the item is valued at because it will be sold to the highest bidder. Just remember there is a small fee to sell items on these sites.
  3. Sell Brett Favre collectibles to a pawn shop. Selling Brett Favre collectibles can also be done by visiting your local pawn shops. However, this should be a last resort when selling Brett Favre collectibles. A pawn shop will gladly buy your items if they are valuable, but for much less than you will receive from a private buyer. A fair pawn shop will give you roughly 50 to 60 percent of what the collectable is worth, which allows them to turn around and sell the item for a profit.

Remember, when selling Brett Favre collectibles don’t except checks from anyone, only collect money, or money orders.

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