How To Sell Brett Favre Rookie Cards

How to sell Brett Favre rookie cards can be done with a little research. A person that owns Brett Favre rookie cards could be sitting on a small fortune. If you know what the cards are worth, selling them will be the easy part. Brett Favre is one of the best NFL quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. If he continues to keep playing, his cards will continue to go up in value.

To sell Brett Favre rookie cards, you will need:

  • Determine the value of the cards
  • Sell to pawn shops
  • Sell online


  1. Determine the value of the rookie cards. This will depend on a couple of important factors. A single Brett Favre rookie card could be worth $400 dollars in mint condition. The better shape the card is in, the more money it's worth. If there are creases in the corner, wrinkles in the paper or discoloration, the value will drop considerably. If you don’t know how to determine what the value of Brett Favre rookie cards are, ask a professional in sports memorabilia. They will know exactly what the value of each card is in their current condition.
  2. Sell to a pawn shop. Believe it or not, pawn shops love sports memorabilia. They will buy the rookie cards for the right price. Know what the value of the rookie cards are before trying to negotiate with pawn shops or you could get ripped off. They will never pay full price, because they need to sell the product to make a profit.
  3. Sell Brett Favre cards online. There are so many options for a seller who is interested in selling Brett Favre rookie cards online. The fees for each online store are different, but they will charge a fee when the cards are sold. Usually, they charge a percentage of the purchase price.
  4. Craigslist is a great option for a person that wants to sell Brett Favre rookie cards, but can’t afford to pay any selling fees. is an online website that will allow users to post ads for free. It’s very easy to set up an account, and interested buyers will be able to contact a seller by email. Many sports enthusiasts look on Craigslist for rare Brett Favre sports memorabilia. Only deal with people that are local, and never accept a check from someone you don’t know.
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