How To Sell A Brett Favre Signed Jersey

Knowing how to sell a Brett Favre signed jersey will be a very easy task. Brett Favre is one of the most famous football quarterbacks of all time. Favre is the only football player to win AP Most Valuable Player three years in a row. He has had a long and successful career and is still going strong. Selling a Brett Favre signed jersey won’t be hard to accomplish. Brett Favre memorabilia is high in demand and sells fast. A person would be happy to know that a Brett Favre signed jersey sells for top dollar.

To sell a signed Brett Favre jersey, you will need:

  • An appraisal
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Internet access
  1. Get an appraisal and know what the jersey is worth. Many times people that sell sports memorabilia will either ask for too much or not enough. If you ask for too much money, no one will want to make an offer; if the asking price is too low, you will lose profit. Paying a knowledgeable professional a reasonable fee for an appraisal could save you money down the road. Contact a professional in your area or go online to find one. If you skip the appraisal step, look online at sites that sell authentic signed Brett Favre jerseys. Compare prices to determine a fair asking price.
  2. A certificate of authenticity will raise the value of the Brett Favre jersey. The value of a signed Brett Favre jersey will be much greater if the interested buyer knows it’s authentic. There are professionals that can be present when an autographed jersey is being signed or you can send the jersey to a professional service if it was previously signed. Either way, this will confirm that the Brett Favre signed jersey is genuine.
  3. Sell Brett Favre signed jersey on Amazon is a well-respected online store. Many people go to Amazon to purchase sports memorabilia. Authentic jerseys sell on Amazon very quickly and the sellers make a huge profit. It’s very easy to set up an account on Amazon.
  4. Contact an online auction sites to sell a Brett Favre signed jersey. There are many online auction sites that sell sports memorabilia. Signed Brett Favre jerseys can sell for a huge profit on these sites. The online auction sites will charge a fee anywhere from twenty to 30 percent, depending on the auction site. Sports enthusiasts trust auction sites and purchase from them often. A signed Brett Favre jersey would be sold at auction quickly.
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