How To Sell A Car In North Carolina

Wondering how to sell your car in North Carolina? Wonder no more. Before you try to sell a car in North Carolina, make sure your title has no liens listed on it, and if so, you must have the money to pay off your loan to get one. North Carolina does not allow for a vehicle to have a lien on it when transferring ownership. Make sure your title is free and clear before you prepare to sell your car in North Carolina.

  1. Clean your vehicle completely. You'll want it to look nice in its pictures and for all those who come to take a look at your car in North Carolina. Remove all personal belongings out of your vehicle, and make sure you check both the glove box and under the seats. Wash the car, vacuum the interior and use all-purpose cleaning spray to shiny up the interior.
  2. Take pictures of your car. Photograph from the front driver's side corner, making sure you get the front grill and alongside the driver's side. Photograph the same way on the passenger's side rear to include the backend and alongside the passenger's side. Most advertising methods allow only four pictures per ad for your car in North Carolina, and, well, just about anywhere else. Open the driver's side door and take a picture with the door open, showing the driver's seat, steering wheel and the passenger’s side area. Take a picture or your middle dash and console from the rear seat. Lean back to show both the sunroof (if equipped) and the dashboard.
  3. Research local classified sites. Use Craigslist to search vehicles like your own car in North Carolina that are for sale. Determine what these similar cars in your area are selling for. Search the internet for "internet appraisal guides" to find used car appraisal guides. No two guides are the same, so check several for "Private Sale value," and try to gauge a fair price based on the different private sale amounts that you've found.
  4. Use popular internet classified sources to sell a car in North Carolina, such as Craigslist. To reach a national-based audience, particularly useful if your car is hard to find or a classic, use a popular auction site like eBay or a vehicle classified search engine like Autotrader. Put an ad in your local paper, if you can afford it. Consider advertising in surrounding areas, not just your own both online and in print.
  5. Write "For Sale" on your rear window. Use a paint marker made for glass and include your phone number. Park your car in a high traffic area if you won't need to drive it. Check with friends or family to determine who has a favorable, high traffic piece of property. Print out a detailed information sheet to tape on your window, if going this route, and include your contact information, and all vehicle information including mileage.
  6. Accept payment from your buyer. Accept only cash or a bank check once you sell your car in North Carolina. The state of North Carolina requires that the buyer fill out his portion of the title and the odometer reading. A signature and a date is also required. Create a bill of sale for your own protection. A bill of sale lists the name of the seller, the buyer, all vehicle information, including VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), year, make, model, mileage and date of sale. Also include that the vehicle is being sold "As Is" to protect yourself from a potentially sue-happy buyer.

Congratulations, you've sold your car. Anyone buying a car in North Carolina has a lot of fees and Highway Use tax to pay, but that has nothing to do with you. Make sure you save your bill of sale.

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