How To Sell A Car In Pennsylvania

If you live in Pennsylvania, you will want to know how to sell a car in Pennsylvania. To sell a car in Pennsylvania you must go to an authorized PennDOT agent such as a Notary Public, Tag Service, or Car Dealership.

If you are selling a car in Pennsylvania with a Pennsylvania title:

  1. You must have a valid title for the vehicle. If your vehicle is financed, you must pay the vehicle off and receive the title before you are able to sell it.
  2. To sell a car in Pennsylvania, you must have valid identification. This could be a valid driver’s license, State I.D. card, or a US Armed Forces Common Access Card.
  3. You need to know the mileage of the vehicle you are selling. This is reported on the title when selling a car in Pennsylvania.
  4. You will need to report how much you are selling the vehicle for. The buyer will pay taxes on the sales price. If you are selling a vehicle for under $500, there is an additional form that need to be filled out explaining why you are selling the vehicle so cheap.
  5. Once the paperwork is complete and you have sold your vehicle, you will need to remove the license plate. That plate can either be transferred to another vehicle or should be returned to PennDOT. The authorized agent can either return the plate for you or provide you with the information to do so.

If you are selling a car in Pennsylvania with a title from a different state the steps above will also include a VIN verification. This means that the vehicle must be on site for the authorized PennDOT agent to verify the VIN is correct on the title or they may give you a form that needs to be filled out by a Notary Public or certified Pennsylvania State Inspection mechanic.

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