How To Sell On eBay For Beginners

When starting on eBay, learning how to sell on eBay for beginners can be complicated. There is no one formula for successful sales, but there are several things that sellers should do to make their listings and sales as successful as possible. To sell on eBay for beginners requires a basic understanding of what customers expect from sellers and ho to deliver that to them for successful transactions. To sell on eBay for beginners, have a plan in place to deliver all of the elements of a listing and to understand how to list, sell and ship the items.

  1. Sign up for a seller's account in order to sell on eBay. Place a credit card on file with the site and choose a seller name that is non-offensive and non-confrontational in order to keep from offending any potential buyers. 
  2. List an item for sale on the site. Choose a title for the item that best describes it without using too many descriptive words. Instead of using words like "cute" or "small," use keywords like colors, exact sizes and brand names. This will help eBay buyers to find it through the site's search.
  3. Describe the item in the description box using exact terms.  Include measurements, colors and a description of the condition of the item, even if you have a photograph of it.
  4. Add a photo if necessary for the item to sell on eBay. Some items may not need a photo, such as a well-known book or DVD. Others, like clothing, should have one or more clear photos included in the listing. 
  5. Choose a listing type and a price. You can choose to sell on eBay as an auction listing or as a fixed-price listing. If you choose to sell the item as a fixed price listing, choose the price that you want to sell the item for. If you choose the auction listing, choose the starting price for the auction. Some sellers choose to start an auction for .99 in order to encourage more bids and attention for the auction. However, the starting price may be the ending price. If you can't part with the item for a low price, list it at the minimum price that you will be willing to sell it for.
  6. Choose the shipping method and the price for shipping. UPS, FedEx and USPS are commonly used by eBay sellers who want to sell on eBay and make the shipping process easy and inexpensive. Priority Mail shipping is inexpensive for small items and takes two to three days for delivery. The shipping price you choose can include a small handling price along with the postage price, but an excessive handling charge can get your listing flagged and removed from the site.
  7. Ship the item to the seller as soon as possible. eBay buyers rate their sellers according to several factors, and one of them is how fast the item arrived. Keeping a high feedback percentage is vital to being able to sell on eBay successfully and attract more eBay buyers.



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