How To Sell A Harley Davidson Online

Before you sell a Harley Davidson online, there are a few things that you will need to know. Getting the best price will require you to do a couple of things beforehand, such as preparing, appraising and listing the motorcycle on featured websites.

  1. Prepare the Harley Davidson before you list it to sell. Clean it thoroughly, wax, polish the chrome and repair anything necessary to get the best profit. Examine the entire bike to discover what will need to be done. Things like engine maintenance and replacing worn components would be beneficial to selling the motorcycle quickly.
  2. Find the appropriate value in order to properly price your Harley Davidson before selling it online. Go to either or to get the value for your bike. Choose Harley Davidson as the make and then on the next screen there will be the years listed from 1995 to 2010. Click the year and model of your motorcycle and then it will take you to the value. There is a notice that the value listed could vary up to 30% greater due to such custom features as paint, chrome, market conditions and engine modifications. An approximate value will be suggested for your information and you can price the bike as suitable.
  3. Start to expose your Harley Davidson to millions of anxious buyers by listing the bike on classified sites. There are sites that are completely free and those that have a small listing fee. One good one to try is that offers free ads to sell your motorcycle. You will need to register before you place your advertisement but will not cost any money. Registering here will give you global exposure, personal admin pages and an auto-alert feature.
  4. List your motorcycle with a free ad on This website will allow you a free featured listing if you write at least a 250 word unique description that includes things like modifications, paint details and any accessories that you will throw into the deal. Your bike will be seen by thousands of visitors looking for a Harley such as the one you have for sale.
  5. If you would like to list your Harley Davidson for sale online and do not mind paying a small fee, there is an excellent website called Cycle Trader that has many visitors. You can get there by typing in or It features automobiles, watercraft, all terrain vehicles and motorcycles. There are various price packages for listing the bike from $19 to $69 with durations that last from two to twelve weeks. After you have listed the motorcycle on the sites of your choice, you can sit back and wait for the offers to roll in.
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