How To Sell A Lebron James Autographed Basketball

Want to know how to sell a Lebron James autographed basketball? Selling autographed memorabilia can be a chore because there is the question of authenticity. If you do not have proof of authenticity, the item becomes harder to sell. If you have proof of authenticity, you can easily sell a Lebron James autographed basketball.

What you will need:

  • Autographed basketball
  • Letter of authenticity
  • Photograph of Lebron James signing the basketball
  1. Make sure your Lebron James autographed basketball is authentic. If you bought the basketball from the right place, you will receive a valid letter of authenticity. If you had the basketball signed in person by Lebron, you will most likely have a picture of you and Lebron James signing the basketball.
  2. Go to a local baseball card shop that deals in autographed memorabilia. Make friends with the owner. If you want sell autographs as a side business, talk business with the owner of the shop. The owner of the baseball card shop will often sell your autographed basketball for you. He will ask for a commission, but he will sell it in his shop. The owner will look over the basketball and ask for pictures or a letter of authenticity.
  3. Go to a memorabilia show and look at all of the autographed items. You will be able to sell or trade your Lebron James autographed basketball at a memorabilia show. Make sure you have an idea what you want for the basketball. You can look up the value in Becket or Tuff Stuff, but the real value is what somebody will be willing to pay for your Lebron James autographed basketball. You may get less or more than the value depending on how “hot” the item is in the sports world.
  4. You can go to a sports auction house that deals with high priced sports memorabilia. They will check your Lebron James signed basketball for authenticity and will tell you their terms. They will tell you how much they will charge you for their services. Decide if this is the way you want to sell your Lebron James autographed basketball.
  5. You found the way you want to sell your Lebron James autographed basketball. Do not take checks as payment unless the place buying your basketball is reputable. Dealing in cash is the best way not to get taken advantage of in a sports memorabilia sale. If you decide to sell your basketball to an online business, ask them to pay you via PayPal. You do not want to get screwed during the transaction.
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