How To Sell A Lebron James Autographed Jersey

Do you want to know how to sell a Lebron James autographed jersey? Knowing a few important tips will not only help you sell a Lebron James autographed jersey, but will get you top dollar for it. There are many different ways to go about selling an autographed jersey. Lebron James has broken several youngest player awards, been voted Rookie of the Year, and had an $85 million dollar contract with Nike before he went pro. This man is a talented professional basketball player, which makes his autographed jerseys so valuable.

To sell a Lebron James autographed jersey, you will need:

  • Need certificate of authenticity
  1. Obtain a certificate of authenticity. If you are serious about selling a Lebron James autographed jersey for top dollar, get a certificate of authenticity. If you have a jersey that is already signed and autographed by Lebron James you will need to send it to a company that specializes in sports memorabilia. They will know if the jersey is an authentic jersey or a fake. If they find that the autograph is indeed genuine they will mark it with invisible ink. The item will have a certificate of authenticity that will be numbered  and logged in the data base. When someone wants to purchase the autographed jersey they will be able to confirm if it’s genuine by researching online.
  2. Sell the Lebron James jersey on Selling items on eBay is simple and effective. Many people sell sports memorabilia on eBay and get paid top dollar. Do some research and see how much Lebron James jerseys are. Remember when setting your selling price having a certificate of authenticity will make your jersey more valuable.
  3. Contact auctions that sell sports memorabilia. Contact an auction that specializes in sports memorabilia. They will have a larger following of interested buyers and have knowledge in sports items. They will charge a fee when your items sell, usually around twenty percent. Look in your area for an auction house, or online.
  4. Run an ad in the newspaper. You might be surprised at how many interested sports enthusiasts check the local paper for sports memorabilia. It’s very inexpensive to run an ad in the newspaper and many people will like that the buyer is local and the item can be personally picked up and seen before making a purchase. When people contact you and want to buy the autographed Lebron James jersey, make it clear that the item is available for purchase only for cash. Never accept a check from someone you don’t know.
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