How To Sell Motorcycle Parts Online

If you have motorcycle parts then you may need to learn how to sell motorcycle parts online. If you have an old motorcycle or used parts laying around you know work then why not sell them for some extra cash in your pocket. Selling motorcycle parts is not difficult to do online. This article will explain some key factors when selling online.

  1. Know your parts. Make a list of the parts including part numbers if you have them. Make sure the part number matches the part you want to sell online. Lets say you have a odometer for a 2007 Honda Shadow and the part number is 1673-A. You will want to write the part and number like this. 2007 Honda Shadow odometer, part number 1673-A. This lets the buyer know if it may or may not fit his motorcycle.
  2. Once your list is made and part numbers match, it is time for details. beside each part right any details about the parts working condition. Size, shape, color and any damage if any. Also, detail when the last time the part was used.
  3. There are a couple places online that you can sell parts. Ebay and Craiglist are the two best known places to sell. With Ebay you list as an auction and people bid on your item. There are fees to sell on Ebay. Craigslist allows you to post your items and people interested can call or email you with any questions or concerns. Craigslist is the easiest to sell from and is done locally without fees.
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