How To Sell My Music As Ringtones

Maybe you've heard some really boring ringtones and have often thought, "I can do better than that, but need to learn how to sell my music as ringtones." Buying ringtones online can get costly, especially if you set your ringtone to different songs frequently. As long as ringtones have been popular there have been ways to get them free or make your own and get paid for them. Read on about how to sell your music as ringtones and make extra money for your services.

  1. Gather everything you need to make the ringtone. Learning how to sell your music as ringtones is pretty easy, not only you need is a computer, but  nice selection of audio files; not only it can be music but it can be funny clips or sound bites if you want add uniqueness to the ringtones.
  2. Register at a free mobile content website. Some websites allows members to sell ringtone music but their rules may vary. As a ringtone seller, you are allow to sell your ringtone music free. Then there are other websites where you will be charged for selling your ringtones via your own web store and make at least 40 to 50 percent of sales. You can also create a web hosting account and sign up for the silver, gold or platinum plan to upkeep your website selling a batch of ringtones and build up customers.
  3. Sell and promote your ringtones. Normally you are paid between $0.99 cents to $2.99 for each ringtone. Promote your ringtones by embedding HTML codes on your website or at social networking websites to connect with others who might be interested in purchasing your ringtones. Payments will be sent to you depending on  the number of sales made.
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