How To Sell NFL Player Jerseys

Learning how to sell NFL player jerseys is not hard. NFL player jerseys are very popular to sports enthusiast. People wish to own the jersey of their favorite players. Collectors love to frame them and hang them on the wall to put on display. Someone interested in sports memorabilia will be willing to pay a high asking price for an NFL player jersey. Learning how to sell a jersey won’t be difficult, because they are in high demand.  

To sell NFL player jerseys, you will need:

  • Know the value of the jersey
  • If signed, get a certificate of authenticity
  • Need Internet access
  • Sell on
  • Sell at an auction


  1. Know the value of the NFL player jersey. If a person wants a player jersey to sell fast, they will need to ask for a fair price. People are more likely to make an offer if the jersey is selling at the right price. Asking for too much money will discourage an interested buyer. Pricing the NFL jersey too low will result in a smaller profit. The best option when setting a price point is asking for a fair price and hoping for a bidding war in an auction, or on This will bring in the larger profit.
  2. If the NFL jersey is signed and autographed, get a certificate of authenticity. NFL players jerseys are worth a lot of money, owning a NFL signed player jersey, is worth a significantly more. Without having a certificate of authenticity it’s just another jersey. Collectors will want proof that the NFL player jersey is in fact genuine. This will raise the value of the jersey and a seller will be able to ask for money.
  3. You need Internet access and a computer. Selling an NFL player jersey online will mean more exposer and more interested buyers. There are a lot of online stores and classifieds that have a large audience and shoppers. This increases the chances that the jersey will be sold.
  4. Sell on has millions of shoppers that visit their website every day. Selling an NFL player jersey on will be easy. Simply open accounts, pay the fee, and watch interested buyers bid on the jersey.
  5. Sell the NFL player jersey at an auction. Online auctions are very popular and some even specialize in sports memorabilia. Having a player jersey at an auction could bring in a lot of money. Collectors that are interested in the jersey will bid, and the highest bidder will get the jersey. When the NFL player jersey sells they will collect a fee. The fee will depend on the purchase price of the jersey.
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