How To Sell Radio Advertising

So, you want to learn how to sell radio advertising. There are many ways to sell radio advertising. Radio advertisements offer consumers information about products and services. Businesses use radio advertisements as a way to sell their products and services to consumers.

 Things you’ll need:

  • Radio Advertising Business Cards
  • Radio Business Email Address
  • Cell Phone
  • Car and Radio Sales Materials
  1. Obtain at least a GED. Read books and publications about how to sell radio advertisements to help you get started. Make sure you learn how to communicate effectively because this skill will help you bring in the cash.
  2. Visit a radio station in your area. Volunteer to work at the station with an account executive to see what he does to make money for the radio station. Do this for about three months and then schedule an interview with the account executive and ask him questions about how to sell radio advertisements. Follow his advice and take notes during the phone interview or in person interview.
  3. Prepare yourself. Write a resume or hire someone to write a resume for you. Send your resume out to radio stations and apply for position(s) as a radio account executive or account representative. Get the job as a radio sales executive and contact business owners in your area and let them know that you sell radio advertisements and give them your contact information. Obtain business cards from your employer. Set up a database on a computer or get an address book to keep customer contact information handy. Visit potential clients and leave promotional items such as pens, writing pads, coffee cups or gift certificates to help you sell radio advertisements. Offer discounted rates to customers and explain to them how your rates are better than your competitor rates.
  4. Build business relationships with clients. Make as many phone calls as you possibly can to business owners. Tell them that you can help them increase sales by creating a radio advertisement. Listen to the business owners and then see what services you can offer and develop a business friendship to help you become successful.
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