How To Sell Rolex Watches On Ebay

Learning how to sell Rolex watches on Ebay is very easy. Ebay gives you a worldwide audience of potential buyers. Ebay enables you to reach this large buyer's market easily. Selling your Rolex watch on Ebay also allows you to showcase your Rolex watches at a reasonable cost. Ebay also has buyer and seller protection policies that help you, the seller, enjoy a satisfying selling experience from start to finish. Selling your Rolex watches on Ebay is very easy, and the rewards are great.

  1. Registering on is the first step of the selling process. If you're not already a registered user, just go to and click on "register now" on the Ebay home page. Getting registered on Ebay is very easy. You'll fill in their registration application with your name, address, country of origin, phone number, email address, and secret question that only you will know the answer to. You'll also set up your Ebay user ID and put in your Ebay password. Your Ebay user ID is the name you will use for selling your Rolex watches on Ebay.
  2. Once you are registered on Ebay, You'll want to sign up for Paypal is owned by Ebay Inc. Paypal is a trusted and well known company that accepts and makes payments from buyers all around the world. Signing up for Paypal is also very easy. All of the easy sign up steps are explained on the Ebay home page. When you get signed up for Paypal, all of your payments for your Rolex watches will be in your bank account before you ship your Rolex watch to the customer.
  3. Depending on how many Rolex watches you want to sell on Ebay, you'll want to make a decision to sell your Rolex on an auction, or start your own Ebay store. If you have several Rolex watches, you may want to start up your own Ebay store.
  4. Starting your own Ebay store is a great way to save money if you have several Rolex watches you want to sell. With your own Ebay store, you can have multiple Rolex watches on display for sale at the same time, for a one time monthly fee: a monthly fee for your store and an additional small fee every 30 days for each item you are selling.
  5. Ebay store's have a buy it now price for each Rolex watch you sell. This is a great way to sell your Rolex watches if you know exactly how much money you want for each watch.
  6. Selling your Rolex watch with a one, three, five, seven, or ten day Ebay style auction lets prospective buyers bid on the Rolex watch you are selling. This bidding process lets the buyer's continually try to out bid each other, giving you a higher profit margin from the highest bidder.
  7. A reserve price can be applied to your auction for an additional fee. A reserve price lets you set the least amount of money that you will take for your Rolex watch. If the reserve amount isn't met when the bidding is over, your Rolex watch doesn't sell. You can receive bids on your Rolex watch but if the reserve price you set on your auction isn't met, the watch remains yours.
  8. Take multiple pictures of the Rolex watch you are selling. This helps the buyer to decide if they are going to buy your Rolex watch. Take pictures from every angle and take a picture of the front and the back of your Rolex watch. The more pictures, the better chance you have of selling your Rolex watch. Uploading pictures is also explained in easy detail on the "Start Selling" tab on the Ebay home page.
  9. You'll enjoy great feedback on Ebay. Prompt shipping and accurate descriptions of your Rolex watches, along with great customer service, will result in great customer feedback.                                           
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