How To Sell Shoes Online

Want to know how to sell shoes online? Shoes are a hot commodity and can be sold online easily with an affiliate link. The great thing about affiliate programs is you don't have to store inventory. You are basically helping the manufacture sell their shoes and you reap a profit for doing so. In fact, all you need is a web site for your customers to visit. When they click on your affiliate's links they are directed to the manufacture's web site to place their order. Because the link is coming from your web site, with your unique tracking number associated with it, you get a certain percentage on the sale. Joining an affiliate program is the easy part ; marketing that link requires more of an effort. 

  1. Join several or as many affiliate programs as you wish. You can go directly to the web site of the manufacture to see if they have an affiliate program. If so click and join. Once you have a few good ones that pay a decent percentage you are ready to move to the next step.
  2. Build a web site and they will come. This site can actually be one of those free blogs with nothing fancy.  You will place your links to the shoes you are selling online on this page. This can be in the form of graphic links that the manufacture provides for you. All you have to do it placed these in the side bar to the left or right it is your choice. Or in the form of text links that you will scatter throughout each of your blog post.
  3. Now to the work of it all, write blog post or articles. To get your potential customer to your site you must market to them. An easy and effective way to do this is to write articles. Your articles will talk about (you guessed it) shoes! In these articles you will supply a link back to your site where you will provide even more information about shoes. You can outsource these articles or you can write them yourself. Whichever you decide, it is important that they be done and posted up online as often as possible or at least three times a week.
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