How to Sell Stories to TMZ

Learn how to sell stories to TMZ. Once you begin learning how to sell stories to TMZ, you will begin having the confidence to get more gigs with bigger companies. This process is the fastest way to sell your stories to TMZ. Get your stories headlined in no time!

  1. Make sure your story does not contain false content. TMZ is not just some pushover company that will accept anything just because it is gossip. It has to be true gossip. Do not make up anything and sell it to them. That could ruin your reputation and halt your progress with other companies if word gets around that you are making up stories.
  2. Make sure your story comes from the first person. Do not write stories based on what someone else said about the story. The only way you should do that is by interviewing someone who was a witness to whatever story you may be trying to sell to TMZ. Also, if you do interview someone, never take full credit. Quote the interviewee and give a full name. This will save you a world of lawsuits.
  3. Have pictures if possible. Having pictures that go along with your stories is must. Pictures may help sell your stories faster to TMZ. Always try to have at least one picture. Those whose stories have pictures will have a higher success rate of selling their stories to TMZ.
  4. Ensure that your stories are proofread. If you cannot proofread the stories yourself, then get someone who can. Be sure to use the best of grammar. Lure your readers in with interesting details. TMZ is known for luring people in with dramatic details, so revise your stories to fit their criteria.
  5. Contact TMZ through email. After you have made your stories suited to sell to TMZ, then take out the big guns. Contact TMZ through email. Email is the fastest way to get in contact with TMZ. Of course, you could write them a letter and let them know you have stories, but that would take forever. Go to TMZ's website, linked below. Give detail on what your stories are about. If you have pictures, then let them know. You may also want to add a paragraph or two for them to get a sample.
  6. Wait for a response. TMZ's response team is constantly busy every day helping people like you to get their voices heard, so be patient. They might not get around to you right away, but that doesn't mean they never will. Do not become surprised if you notice an email from TMZ six months later asking to buy your stories. Yeah, they are that busy.



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