How To Sell Television Advertising

Knowing how to sell television advertising is a skill that requires sales people to understand the advertising needs of local businesses. Every local business can be helped by TV ads, and anyone will good sales and communication skills can sell television advertising. 

  1. Learn to help businesses to work within their advertising budgets. Everyone wants to advertise during the most popular shows, but that isn't always the best option for every business. When you sell television advertising, you must put together the best combination of high-profile time slots and lower-profile times in order to give businesses the ad frequency needed to gain viewer attention.
  2. Target the TV ads with targeted time slots when possible. If you can match a business with the type of TV show that its potential customers are likely to watch, you can increase the business' return on its advertising investment.
  3. Sell television advertising to local businesses who don't already have a TV presence. Notice new local businesses that open and sell television advertising to them through cold calls or direct mail. Many new businesses that could benefit from TV ads may not take advantage of them simply because the owners don't know how to begin the advertising process. Explain the procedure and how it can benefit a new business.
  4. Sell television advertising to small businesses that have tiny budgets, even if it doesn't seem worth your time. Some salespeople make the mistake of passing over those businesses in an attempt to find bigger clients. However, a small business with effective advertising can soon grow, earning you more in the long run. That tiny business may grow into a substantial advertiser, and you'll have the owner's loyalty.



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