How To Sell Travel

If you aspire to being a travel agent, you'll need to learn how to sell travel. There are some ways that you can optimize your natural selling talents. A passion for travel is essential. From there, you can develop all the skills that you'll need to be a supportive, successful and trusted travel agent.

  1. Choose to sell travel to locations that you love. If possible, pick travel locations where you've been. You want to be able to honestly and enthusiastically speak on each locale that you intend to sell. Also, pick the type of travel that you enjoy. If you like cruises, sell them! Go with what you love.
  2. Educate yourself on every place that you intend to sell. You want to be an expert on the places that you sell. Know the current information on each location, from hotels to entertainment options. You also want to know its history. Learn all you can. Go to your destination and take personal photographs whenever possible.
  3. Get experience in both sales and travel, if possible. If you're in college, try to get a part-time job or internship at a travel agency. Travel agents are not really required to achieve any certain level of certification or education, but it is impressive if you are a member of travel organizations and have achieved a high level of education. Opt for travel-related classes when possible.
  4. Create a travel website. Whether you are part of an agency or working independently, you need to have a website. You can typically design and publish one yourself inexpensively. In this day and age, a website is essential to any business. You also want a personalized domain that's memorable and, of course, themed to the type of travel that you are selling.
  5. Create business cards that have the direct website address listed prominently. You also want to send out postcards announcing your travel sales to friends, acquaintances, family members and everybody on your Christmas card list. Almost everybody loves to travel or needs to at some point. Letting people know that you are available for travel planning can bring a lot of business your way, and you can help them by passing on some of your deals.
  6. Be real. It's important to be honest when you aim to sell travel. If you don't know if a hotel is top notch, let your clients know. If you don't like a certain destination that's part of a cruise, but love the others, let the customer know the parts that you like and the parts that you dislike. If you don't have information, but can get it, let the customer know that you will find out that information; look it up, then get immediately back to her. Giving considerate customer service and honest information builds a great relationship, trust and repeat business.
  7. Speak up about your love of travel. Anybody is a potential client, as people love travel. By sharing your love of travel and passing on discounts and deals to clients, you can build up a strong customer base. Be flexible when possible, and be generous in order to get a lot of business in return.


The American Society of Travel Agents

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