How To Sell Video Games For Cash

If you're looking to find out how to sell video games for cash, then you will be surprised to find that there are plenty of resources on the internet as well as some offline. One method of going about selling your video games for cash is to do it yourself and post up ads, making your own prices, or you can sign up for a free service that will let you trade your video games for cash. Typically, newer games will be worth more in value than most older games; however, there are a few exceptions, depending on what game it is you are trying to sell. Either way, you will make bank at the end of the day.

To sell video games for cash, you will need:

  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Games to trade with
  1. Selling video games online. This choice is perhaps one of the most obvious ones as well as by far the easiest. There are a wide variety of websites online to select from, all of which allow you to either sell your video games for cash or to trade your old video games for newer ones that you may want. Some sites even go as far as to offer free shipping labels which you can print out as well as reusable boxes. Better yet, you could go to an online classified ads website where you can post ads for games you're selling and make the price whatever you wish.
  2. Selling video games at video game stores. There are many video game retail outlets that will trade cash for your old video games. The values on these games may differ slightly from store to store, but most have found the best value to be in selling video games over the internet as opposed to visiting a store in person.
  3. Selling video games to friends. If you want to negotiate your own prices, it would probably be best to trade video games for cash with your friends and associates. Give them a list of games you're selling and if they're interested, they'll pick. However, some may propose to trade their games with you as opposed to their own cash.
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