How To Sell Vintage Cameras

Here are some simple steps to help you to learn how to sell vintage cameras. Vintage cameras are collected by photographers, decorators and other people who might want the camera you have to sell. Vintage cameras can be quite valuable, but a few easy steps can help to maximize the selling price and assure a quick sale.

  1. Learn what you have. The first step on how to sell anything is to know what you have. An "old camera" could be a lot of things, but a "Rolleiflex Automat Model 2" tells a prospective buyer a lot more about what you have to sell. Knowing the model and other information will make it easier to sell vintage cameras at a good price.
  2. Learn a fair value. There are numerous books and sources you can use to determine a fair value, but it is hard to beat eBay. Searching the completed listings on eBay for the same vintage camera or similar models is generally an accurate guide for the value of your vintage camera. Other auctions sites that also sell vintage cameras can provide useful information.
  3. List your vintage camera where collectors will find it. Perhaps the most important step on how to sell vintage cameras is to list the item where buyers will find it. EBay is a great place to sell things, but vintage cameras can be sold at consignment at photography shops, antique stores, auction or other places.
  4. Be willing to work with the buyer. Provide pictures and other information on your vintage camera. Customer service is an important part of how to sell any item. Make the buyer comfortable and you should get a fair price and a happy buyer.



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